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Connecting to the RemoteView Box


1. Connection

1. Connect the HDMI for video and sound communication. 
2. Connect the Internet to the LAN port.
3. Connect the USB for mouse/keyboard communication.
4. Connect the power adapter to an AC power source, and then plug it to the power jack.  
5. Output the RV BOX screen to a display (if required).

2. Network settings

  • Launch the web browser, access the initial IP address as, and log in.
    (Default, ID:admin / Password:111111)
  • Select [DHCP] from Ethernet or Wi-Fi in network settings and click [Continue] to go to

3. Device’s IP

  • Enter the MAC address you checked on the Remoteview BOX setting site (
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4. Connecting to the Network Settings

  • Go to the IP settings page and log in.

5. Device registration

  • Enter the device display name to be shown on the remote PC management page.
  • Enter the access ID/PW to be used to access the device.
    * Keep this information accessible as it is needed to connect to the remote device.

6. User account registration

  • Enter the account information for to access the RV BOX device from.
    * Company ID: Enter the Company ID entered during Enterprise license registration.
    * User ID: Enter the manager ID (or manager ID, user ID).
    * Password: Enter the password.

7. Setup completed

  • RV BOX setup is complete.
  • Access the service website ( to remotely access the equipment.

8. Log in to service website

  • The RemoteView service website is a place for all users to access and control all the devices.
  • The administrator can check/change all options related to the RemoteView service.

9. Remote Access


① Select an available remote PC and double-click the PC icon or
      right-click and select [Video Mode Control, Web Viewer] from the menu.
② Enter the Access ID/PW (agent login account).
③ RemoteView viewer is launched on the user’s PC, and the remote PC’s screen will appear on the viewer.